As we navigate through our training to become professionals, whether that be to become physicians, scientists, nurses, or pharmacists, we mustn’t forget our human voices. “Between Degrees” is a multimedia literature and arts site partnering with Synapse to publish student works every week. Our hope is to create an online space where students will feel comfortable and proud of sharing their works so that they can inspire others and remind the UCSF community of the things that make us human. Essentially, the site is meant to be an outlet for artistic expression by UCSF students during times when there may not seem to be enough time for such endeavors.

Please visit our “Submit” tab for more information.

Meet the Editors:

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Lay Kodama is a first year M.D./Ph.D. student, who loves all things neuroscience, music, food, and llama-related. She minored in the Writing Seminars with a poetry concentration at Johns Hopkins University and hopes to use Between Degrees as an outlet for improving her graphic designs, sharing her poems, and learning more about the talented students of UCSF.

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Nausheen Mahmood is a first year M.D. student who loves spending time cooking, drinking tea, and photographing her friends around SF. Other than personal journaling, she has no formal experiences writing and hopes to use Between Degrees to chronicle the profound, the mundane, and everything in between as it relates to medical school and UCSF.


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