Photography by Ben Foorman

Photographs by Ben Foorman, a second year M.D. student (class of 2018). Click to enlarge.

I’ve been interested in photography for a long time, and feel that as an art it really meshes with the scientist in me.  There are so many different factors that play into it – not only the composition of the photo and capturing the right scene at the right time, but also how I can tweak the different settings on my DSLR with a thorough knowledge of what each one will do to the final product, always in search of that perfect shot.

I particularly enjoy wildlife, nature, and night photography, and these photos are some of my favorite that I shot down in Monterey Bay, CA at night.  I absolutely love the ethereal sense that long exposure gives to the surface of the water, as the many waves that ripple across the surface meld into each other the longer the exposure lasts.  Being out in nature with my camera and a tripod instill a distinct sense of calm, and intermittent bursts of excitement as I check the viewfinder to set the next shot.


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