Created Just For You by Tiffany Kwak

Greeting Cards by Tiffany Kwak, a M.S. Biomedical Imaging student, Class of 2015:

 “Hap-pea Friday Eve” (left), “And the Tree was happy” (right)

It all started with some blank cards (28 to be exact), a trusty old gel pen, some watercolors, and a challenge. I recently came up with the #28DaysCardChallenge where I attempted to illustrate my imagination and interpretations of the world onto a greeting card for every day in February. The results came out better than I expected, and I have kept going ever since.

“And the Tree was happy” was my interpretation of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. The way I designed this card was if you covered up each section starting from the outer edges, it takes you through the tree’s journey of unconditional love and giving.

“Hap-pea Friday Eve” was a fun piece for me because it was how I imagined a snapshot of a Rube Goldberg experiment would look like. Plus, who doesn’t want a good excuse to go find intricate gumball machines for inspiration?


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