A Song Cover by Pia Dizon & Ernest Maningding

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.40.32 PM

Shut up and Dance with Me (Walk the Moon Cover) by Pia Dizon, a first year Pharm. D. student & Ernest Maningding, a fourth year M.D. student.

Click on the image for the video.

Pia Dizon: I enjoy singing as a way to destress from the banes of school and life. When I was in Southern California as an undergraduate, my favorite part of the day sometimes would be singing in my car while in terrible traffic on the way to school/ work and back. When I moved to San Francisco for pharmacy school, I could not take my car with me. Unfortunately, singing on the way to school in the Muni isn’t a socially acceptable activity. I didn’t think that it would have affected me so much, but not having that time block just to listen to new music and sing along to it was definitely one of the reasons why I was homesick and missed Southern California during my first quarter at UCSF.

Luckily for me, I met an awesome person named Ernest who is amazing at playing the guitar. His companionship and our time learning new songs together has more than filled the void that I dealt with during fall quarter. We’ve even coined a term for the videos that we make: “#whitecoatsessions.”  Here is one of the songs that we covered together. I hope you enjoy!


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